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Pubblicazioni scientifiche 2015

• Tuberculosis and immigration: the answers that epidemiology can provide (and society is waiting for).

Baglio G.
Epidemiol Prev. 2015; 39:73-4;


• Assessment of the stability of exogenous gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) in stored blood and urine.

Busardò FP, Zaami S, Baglio G, Indorato F, Montana A, Giarratana N, Kyriakou C, Marinelli E, Romano G.
Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2015; 19:4187-94;


• Attitude and Knowledge of Pain Management Among Italian Nurses in Hospital Settings.

Latina R, Mauro L, Mitello L, D'Angelo D, Caputo L, De Marinis MG, Sansoni J, Fabriani L, Baglio G.
Pain Manag Nurs. 2015; 16:959-67


• Assessment of the stability of mephedrone in ante-mortem and post-mortem blood specimens.

Busardò FP, Kyriakou C, Tittarelli R, Mannocchi G, Pantano F, Santurro A, Zaami S, Baglìo G.
Forensic Sci Int. 2015; 256:28-37;


• Blue gingiva: A possible diagnostic pitfall in dark skinned patients

Calcaterra R, Di Girolamo M, Toni M, Mirisola C, Baggi L.
ORAL & Implantology. 2015; 8:29-32;


• Clinical Practice and Knowledge in Caring: Breastfeeding Ties and the Impact on the Health of Latin-American Minor Migrants.

Castaldo M, Marrone R, Costanzo G, Mirisola C.
J Immigr Minor Health. 2015; 17:1476-80;


• Unusual case of B cell lymphoma after immunosuppressive treatment for psoriasis.

Nosotti L, Baiocchini A, Bonifati C, Visco-Comandini U, Mirisola C, Del Nonno F.
World J Hepatol. 2015 18; 7:814-8;


• Prospective study of hepatitis B virus reactivation in patients with hematological malignancies.

Pompili M, Basso M, Hohaus S, Bosco G, Nosotti L, D'Andrea M, Fenu S, Grieco A, Laurenti L, Mirisola C, Pagano L, Rapaccini GL, Sica S, Storti S, Landolfi R.
Ann Hepatol. 2015; 14:168-74;


• Darier's disease in Ethiopia: report of two cases.

Dassoni F, Abebe Z, Morrone A, Padovese V.
Int J Dermatol. 2015; 54(5):e160-162;


• Operational research on the correlation between skin diseases and HIV infection in Tigray region, Ethiopia.

Padovese V, Racalbuto V, Barnabas GA, Morrone A.
Int J Dermatol. 2015; 54:1169-74;


• Hepatitis C virus RNA levels at week-2 of telaprevir/boceprevir administration are predictive of virological outcome.

Cento V, Di Paolo D, Di Carlo D, Micheli V, Tontodonati M, De Leonardis F, Aragri M, Antonucci FP, Di Maio VC, Mancon A, Lenci I, Manunta A, Taliani G, Di Biagio A, Nicolini LA, Nosotti L, Sarrecchia C, Siciliano M, Landonio S, Pellicelli A, Gasbarrini A, Vecchiet J, Magni CF, Babudieri S, Mura MS, Andreoni M, Parruti G, Rizzardini G, Angelico M, Perno CF, Ceccherini-Silberstein F.
Dig Liver Dis. 2015; 47:157-63;


• Interleukin-28B genetic variants in untreated Italian HCV-infected patients: a multicentre study.

Mottola L, Cenderello G, Piazzolla VA, Forte P, Carretta V, Mecenate F, Brancaccio G, Minisini R, Zuin M, Terreni N, Monti M, Colombo AE, Nosotti L, Minerva N, Luzzitelli I, Kostandini A, Cuccorese G, Russello M, Santoro R, Mangia A.
Liver Int. 2015; 35:482-8;


• Is the choice of the statistical model relevant in the cost estimation of patients with chronic diseases? An empirical approach by the Piedmont Diabetes Registry.

Pagano E, Petrelli A, Picariello R, Merletti F, Gnavi R, Bruno G.
BMC Health Serv Res. 2015; 15:582;


• HPV prevalence and risk of pre-cancer and cancer in regular immigrants in Italy: results from HPV DNA test-based screening pilot programs.

Campari C, Fedato C, Petrelli A, Zorzi M, Cogo C, Caprioglio A, Gallo F, Giordano L, Domenighini S, Pasquale L, Prandi S, Zappa M, Giorgi Rossi P; GISCi Migrant Working Group.
Infect Agent Cancer. 2015;10:14;


• What Are Reasons for the Large Gender Differences in the Lethality of Suicidal Acts? An Epidemiological Analysis in Four European Countries.

Mergl R, Koburger N, Heinrichs K, Székely A, Tóth MD, Coyne J, Quintão S, Arensman E, Coffey C, Maxwell M, Värnik A, van Audenhove C, McDaid D, Sarchiapone M, Schmidtke A, Genz A, Gusmão R, Hegerl U.
PLoS One. 2015; 10(7):e0129062;


• The interpersonal theory of suicide and adolescent suicidal behavior.

Barzilay S, Feldman D, Snir A, Apter A, Carli V, Hoven CW, Wasserman C, Sarchiapone M, Wasserman D.
J Affect Disord. 2015;183:68-74;


• School-based suicide prevention programmes: the SEYLE cluster-randomised, controlled trial.

Wasserman D, Hoven CW, Wasserman C, Wall M, Eisenberg R, Hadlaczky G, Kelleher I, Sarchiapone M, Apter A, Balazs J, Bobes J, Brunner R, Corcoran P, Cosman D, Guillemin F, Haring C, Iosue M, Kaess M, Kahn JP, Keeley H, Musa GJ, Nemes B, Postuvan V, Saiz P, Reiter-Theil S, Varnik A, Varnik P, Carli V.
Lancet. 2015; 385:1536-44;


• Methodology of the SEYLE trial on suicide prevention in schools - Authors' reply.

Wasserman D, Carli V, Hoven CW, Sarchiapone M, Wasserman C.
Lancet. 2015;386:854;


• Reading Books and Watching Films as a Protective Factor against Suicidal Ideation.

Kasahara-Kiritani M, Hadlaczky G, Westerlund M, Carli V, Wasserman C, Apter A, Balazs J, Bobes J, Brunner R, McMahon EM, Cosman D, Farkas L, Haring C, Kaess M, Kahn JP, Keeley H, Nemes B, Mars Bitenc U, Postuvan V, Saiz P, Sisask M, Värnik A, Sarchiapone M, Hoven CW, Wasserman D.
Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2015; 12:15937-42;


• Important Variables When Screening for Students at Suicidal Risk: Findings from the French Cohort of the SEYLE Study.

Kahn JP, Tubiana A, Cohen RF, Carli V, Wasserman C, Hoven C, Sarchiapone M, Wasserman D.
Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2015;12:12277-90;


• Low-activity alleles of the MAOA gene are associated with measures of hostility.

Mandelli L, Carli V, Serretti A, Sarchiapone M.
Psychiatr Genet. 2015;25:215;


• Pathological Internet use among adolescents: Comparing gamers and non-gamers.

Strittmatter E, Kaess M, Parzer P, Fischer G, Carli V, Hoven CW, Wasserman C, Sarchiapone M, Durkee T, Apter A, Bobes J, Brunner R, Cosman D, Sisask M, Värnik P, Wasserman D.
Psychiatry Res. 2015;228:128-35;


• Two novel genomic rearrangements identified in suicide subjects using a-CGH array.

Lombardo B, Zarrilli F, Ceglia C, Vitale A, Keller S, Sarchiapone M, Carli V, Stuppia L, Chiariotti L, Castaldo G, Pastore L.
Clin Chem Lab Med. 2015;53(10):e245-8;


• Help-seeking behaviour following school-based screening for current suicidality among European adolescents.

Cotter P1, Kaess M, Corcoran P, Parzer P, Brunner R, Keeley H, Carli V, Wasserman C, Hoven C, Sarchiapone M, Apter A, Balazs J, Bobes J, Cosman D, Haring C, Kahn JP, Resch F, Postuvan V, Värnik A, Wasserman D.
Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol. 2015;50:973-82;


• Glycosaminoglycans in the human cornea: age-related changes.

Pacella E, Pacella F, De Paolis G, Parisella FR, Turchetti P, Anello G, Cavallotti C.
Ophthalmol Eye Dis. 2015;7:1-5;