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WHO CC Capacity building


WHO CC - Capacity Building

Alongside the fundamental issue of building evidence, the collaboration between INMP and the WHO/Europe also focused on capacity building.

In this respect, on the basis of a WHO request, INMP conducted a capacity building action towards the Serbian government, through a two-day meeting in Rome (May 2018) with the representatives of Serbian institutions. Topics related to the health of immigrants were discussed, with particular reference to the Italian national guidelines on border checks (produced by INMP, in collaboration with the National Institute of Health and the Italian Society of Migration Medicine, and approved by the State-Regions Conference).

Moreover, following the large influx of refugees and migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina during 2018, INMP was asked by the WHO to conduct a two-day workshop in Sarajevo, with the representatives of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The workshop, held in February 2019, had the goal of elaborating, on the basis of qualified and quantified needs, a policy framework for action to fill the gap identified in the legal, financial, organizational and personnel context, for the full implementation of the Italian guidelines on border checks, as adapted to the local situation. The meeting resulted in a Country Assessment table elaborated in a cooperative way on the implementation of specific health measures for migrants.

The capacity building activities are prodromal and necessary to the production of another WHO guidance document, which will adapt the recommendations contained in aforementioned Italian guidelines to the different reception systems of the other Member States.