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Dr Mirisola visited the Island of Lampedusa: “The NIHMP task force will be on the Island until September”

La dott.ssa Mirisola in visita a Lampedusa: “La nostra task force sull’isola almeno fino a settembre”

“The NIHMP sent a task force on the Island on 13 April, and provided a two-months commitment - said Dr Concetta Mirisola, NIHMP Chief Executive Officer, who arrived on in Lampedusa on 17 May and stayed there for two days, - but due to the high number of migrants who are still arriving, we decided to extend our mission at least until September”. Together with Dr. Gianfranco Costanzo, Head of Unit Relations with National and International Institutions and Organisations, Partnership with Universities and Dr. Carmelo Pullara, Chief Executive Officer of the Azienda Ospedaliera “Civico” in Palermo, Dr. Mirisola met the 20 multidisciplinary operators of NIHMP-Sicily working on the island and visited the local institutional health centres. She was impressed by the ability of the NIHMP staff to face the emergency and added “The project is being conducted in the best way, by guaranteeing to migrants medical assistance, but also social and psychological support”. The task force is also assisting the generous and helpful local population.
It was also the occasion for Dr. Mirisola to meet the Prefect of Agrigento, a representative of the Italian Civil Protection National Service and some representative of the Italian National Army. She also briefly met His Eminence Cardinal Bagnasco, who was present on the island.

Photogallery of Progetto Lampedusa 2011 – Reception and medical assistance provided by NIHMP operators

NIHMP medical task force in Lampedusa – SHOW THE VIDEO