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The outpatient department is open to all people and provides analysis, treatment and prophylaxis of eye diseases.

The service particularly focuses on:

  • early diagnosis and correction of visual disorders in children;
  • tackling eye disorders due to poor hygienic conditions and inadequate nutrition;
  • health education aimed at achieving rational and modern eye therapy;
  • prevention, treatment and surveillance of degenerative eye diseases;
  • information campaigns and counselling on the proper use of glasses and contact lenses, on eye problems related to using display screen equipment  and on accidents at work;

The following services are provided:

  • fundus eye examination;
  • intraocular pressure measurement;
  • visual field campimetry and Optical coherence tomography (OCT);
  • eyeglass prescription;
  • Schirmer's test;
  • corneal pachymetry;
  • Hess screen test;
  • corneal topography;
  • lacrimal probe.