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All outs, all in free. Health in prison – Download the multilingual publication

Edited by Concetta Mirisola, June 2013

All outs, all in free. Health in prisons

The publication “All outs, all in free. Health in prison” was produced by the NIHMP in the framework of the project “Health without barriers. Healthcare integration of foreign nationals deprived of their personal freedom, financed by the EIF - European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals (2011 programme) and implemented by the NIHMP with the Italian Ministries of the Interior and Health.

The publication, specifically addressed to third-country nationals detained in Italian prisons, is divided into three main parts: “The regulatory evolution” describes the process that leaded to the reorganisation of penitentiary medicine. This evolution provides the transfer of health care competencies and resources from the Italian Ministry of Justice to the Ministry of Health.

Health protection” is a guide dedicated to the identification of the main risk factors and to the promotion of healthy habits as regards personal and environmental hygiene. It also focuses on prevention of infectious and dermatological diseases particularly diffused in enclosed environments such as prisons and on the importance of properly identify and face personal and psychological difficulties.

Health perception in prison” contains the results of a qualitative and quantitative research performed by the University of Turin – Department of Law in the framework of the project. The study aimed at collecting perceptions and opinions on health and health care services of different actors in prisons: detainees, policemen, health care professionals, directors and other prison workers (i.e. educators, social workers, officers, cultural mediators).

The publication was translated into the following languages: English, Italian, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, French, Moldovan, Russian and Spanish.

Download the publication: