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Health Comes to You

Informazione pre-partenza ai cittadini dei Paesi Terzi sulle modalità d'accesso al Servizio Sanitario Nazionale

La salute viene da te

The Project
"Health comes to you" is a project within the framework of the 2013 Annual Programme of EIF – European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals. Proposed by the Ministry of Interior (Authority cognizant of EIF), the project was implemented by NIHMP and the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
The GENERAL AIM of the project is to provide information and orientation to Third Country Nationals entering Italy as regards their duties and rights during their residence, with reference to social-health care aspects and what provided by the integration agreement. The specific aims are as follows:

  • the development of the information provided by the personnel of the Italian Embassies’ consular offices;
  • the involvement of institutions, local administrations and associations interested in the three Countries of intervention (Albania, Bangladesh and Morocco) in providing information to citizens entering Italy.


  • operators in the Italian Embassies’ consular offices in the 3 Countries of intervention and pre-posting;
  • people of reference in institutions, local administrations and associations involved in providing pre-departure information in the three Countries of intervention.

Third Country Nationals getting ready to enter Italy.

Activities and results
16 info-training sessions have been realized concerning the SSN’s institution, organization and functioning and how to access it as regards foreigners residing in Italy:

  • 2 sessions in Italy at MAECI’s premises with pre-posting consular personnel;
  • 5 sessions at Italy’s diplomatic offices in Albania, Bangladesh and Morocco;
  • 9 sessions with representatives of public institutions and local private-social associations.

The hypertext “The right to health care and its practice” provides updated information concerning national and regional regulations on foreigners’ right to health care and how to access the National Health Service (SSN) and its functioning, as well as the regional procedures for accessing territorial health services. A guide and a flyer (available in Albanian, Arabic, Bangla, French and English) provide general indications on how to access the SSN and its functioning. The material is printed and distributed to the addressees of the project as well as made available in pdf on NIHMP’s e-learning platform, in the section specially devoted to the project. 236 licenses have been activated to provide access to the hypertext and the platform.

The institutional and social parties involved in the 3 Countries

Italian Embassy and Consulate in Tirana; Italian General Consulate in Valona; Ministry of Welfare and Youth Policies; Information Desks for Emigration in Durazzo and Valona; University of Tirana; ACLI Scutari and Tirana; INAS–CISL Tirana.

Italian Embassy and Consulate in Dhaka; Agency VFS Global; Ministry of Expatriates; Special Branch (Border Police); BMET (Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training); BOMSA (Bangladeshi Ovhibashi Mohila Sromik Association to protect the welfare of female migrants); IOM Dhaka; OKUP (Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program, Migrant
workers’ Development Program); WARBE (Welfare Association for the Rights of Bangladesh Emigrants).

Italian Embassy in Rabat; Italian General Consulate in Casablanca; Ministry of expatriated Moroccans residing abroad; Agency TLS Contact; Foundation Hassan II for Moroccans residing abroad; IOM Rabat; ACLI Casablanca.

A guide to the Italian National Health Service for non-EU citizens - Download