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Other International Cooperation Projects

Technical Consultation on Poverty and Health with the WHO/EURO: Objective of the project is experience exchange for reducing health inequalities. The NIHMP is the official sponsor of the initiative and finances the final publication;

HIV/AIDS prevention in young migrants across Europe: the AIDS&Mobility Project is a network of European experts committed with the reduction of HIV vulnerability of migrant and mobile populations in Europe;

COST Project: creation of a scientific and technical European network for the protection of migrant populations and the control of poverty-related diseases. The project provides the organisation of a number of European conferences and the collaboration of different European partners for scientific and technical research;

• Agreement with the Chaaria Mission Hospital (Kenya) for the provision of technical support, specialised medical examinations, on-the-job training and data collection by a NIHMP dermatologist;

• “Workshop on Social Determinants and Commuicable Diseases” held in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 5 March 2009 on infectious diseases and their relation with social determinants of health. It was organised with the ECDC - European Centre for disease prevention and control;

Breaking the Stereotype: exhibition started at the research centre "Cultures in Contact" of the University of Innsbruck, in collaboration with the University "Kadir Has" in Istanbul, the University "Ege and Dokuz Eylül" in Izmir and the University "Notre Dame" in Beirut, on the reciprocal representation of the east and the West through stereotypes;

One-Stop-Shop with the objective of integrating the different public services and of creating new services to meet migrants' needs.