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Quality Certification ISO 9001

Certificazione di qualità ISO 9001

In November 2010, the NIHMP was awarded with the quality certification UNI ISO 9001:2008 issued by the Bureau Veritas and by the following certification bodies:

ACCREDIA - Italian certification body - is the only authorised organisation for issuing quality certifications

UKAS - is a company limited by guarantee, having Members instead of shareholders. The Members represent those who have an interest in all aspects of accreditation - national and local government, business and industry, purchasers, users and quality managers

The scope of the supply is “Elaboration and development of research projects for the health promotion of migrants and the control of poverty-related diseases. Development of multidisciplinary and transcultural experimental models for the management of health services. Provision of multi-specialist and social assistance outpatient services particularly focusing on the weakest population groups. Training, education and health communication in the framework of the institutional tasks”.

This certificate represents one of the requirements for the transformation of the Institute into a Scientific Institute for Hospitalization and Health Care (in accordance with Leg. D. N° 288/03). It demonstrates that the NIHMP pursues the effectiveness of its managing system as a means for reaching the fulfilment of its policies.