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Mission and objectives

Our mission is to overcome the health challenges faced by migrant and neglected populations through a transcultural and patient-centered approach.

The strategic objective of the Institute is to cooperate with the Italian Regions for the creation of national policies in order to meet the health needs of fragile population groups, including migrants.

To realize our vision, we strive to:

  • facilitate access of disadvantaged people to health care services;
  • develop research activities aimed at promoting migrants’ health at monitoring poverty-related diseases. Furthermore, clinical projects and experimental models are specifically developed to improve health care services addressing poverty and social exclusion-related conditions;
  • systematically monitor and evaluate regional activities through the national epidemiology observatory, in order to promote the harmonization of the health care system in the national framework. 
  • design and implement tailored training, educational and health information programmes;
  • promote networking among national and international stakeholders.