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CARE Final meeting in Rome, March 2017

On the 29th of March 2017, the Final meeting of the CARE Project was held at the INMP headquarters, in Rome, with the participation of representatives of the 15 partners, IOM and Scientific Board members and the presence, via videoconference, of the Project Officer from CHAFEA, Ms. Paola D’Acapito, the... Read more

InfoDay Italia del progetto CARE

On the 14th of March 2017, the Info Day of the “CARE Project: Common approach for refugees and other migrants’ health: results achieved and possible future actions” was held at the INMP headquarters, in Rome, with the presence of the Project Officer from CHAFEA, Ms. Paola D’Acapito. The first sessions of the... Read more

CARE project - Increasing Health Literacy of Migrants’ / Refugees’

The right to healthcare is enshrined in several human rights instruments, but migrants/refugees, frequently in vulnerable position during their journey, find themselves not necessarily aware of their rights. The CARE project, studied the most effective practices for increasing health literacy of migrants, identified as one of the objectives of Work... Read more

CARE project - Raising awareness to the general public

Socio-cultural issues and most importantly stereotypes and misconceptions of the general public concerning migrants’/refugees’ health needed to be addressed, in order to clarify and inform the general public on true and false facts. Towards this direction and as an objective of WP7 of the CARE project, different approaches were compared... Read more

All outs, all in free. Health in prison – Download the multilingual publication

The publication “All outs, all in free. Health in prison” was produced by the NIHMP in the framework of the project “Health without barriers. Healthcare integration of foreign nationals deprived of their personal freedom”, financed by the EIF - European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals (2011 programme) and... Read more

Impoverishment and Poverty. Life experiences and services in Rome and Turin

Data on impoverishment and poverty are important for describing a situation, but they are more and more perceived as a partial interpretation of that social, psychological, political, cultural and economic precariousness that causes vulnerability.In this publication, service operators looked for what is behind indexes and thresholds and which everyday experiences... Read more

CARE Interim Meeting-Ljubljana,19-20 September

On Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th of September the Interim CARE project meeting took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, at the Slovenian National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ). Over 30 representatives from all participating countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Malta and Italy) and all partners involved in the project attended the meeting.... Read more

Training – Rome, 6-8 September

Training addressed to Greek and Croatian multidisciplinary staff was held at INMP headquarters The Care project requires a strong and coordinated action to train professionals and target groups who are engaged with migrants’ health. Those target groups are health professionals working into the multidisciplinary teams of the hotspots in Italy... Read more