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Seminar on "Violence against women as an attempt on life: let’s break the silence!"

Seminario "Violenza contro le donne come attentato alla vita: rompiamo il silenzio!"

The seminar on Violence against women as an attempt on life: let’s break the silence! Was held on May 26th 2012 at the NIHMP Conference Hall.

Long years of violence causing millions of victims, strong political tensions, frauds, abuses and electoral irregularities transformed the Democratic Republic of Congo in a country dominated by deep social insecurity. Millions of people have died during the last 16 years of war and hundreds of thousands of women suffer sexual violence every year.
The situation of those fragile people does not arouse the interest of Western media, which have different communication strategies and economical interests.
The Congolese community needs the sensitivity, the attention and the indignation of everyone for what is happening in the country.
The Congolese Diaspora living in Italy was received in Palazzo Madama by the Extraordinary Commission for the Protection and Defence of Human, to whom the difficult situation affecting the Democratic Republic of Congo was exposed.
The seminar, organised by the NIHMP and the association Tam Tam d'Afrique, aimed at raising the debate, at fighting the indifference of the media and at awakening public opinion to the defence of women and minors. Representatives of voluntary organizations, international experts, political and diplomatic personalities and professionals qualified in social and medical transcultural activities were involved in the event.
The representatives of the Congolese community, supported by Mama Africa and Solidarité Nord Sud, with the collaboration of Maendeleo association and of the missionary organisation Rete pace per il Congo, outlined the necessity to attract the attention of politicians.
There is something new for Western consciences, and spaces for denouncing are required, because violence and violation of human rights can no longer be tolerated.

The involvement of the international community represents a fundamental support for the progress of the Democratic Republic of Congo towards a future where respect and dignity can be recognised and protected.