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The new President of the Regione Lazio visits the NIHMP

Il prof. Aldo Morrone e l'Onorevole Renata Polverini

“It is in places like the San Gallicano Hospital, where the commitment to the health of people and to their social wellbeing is visible, that I see an example for the whole Italian health care service”.

The visit of the new President of the Regione Lazio Renata Polverini to the NIHMP on 12 April 2010 represents a recognition of the scientific, clinical, research and training work started in the Eighties and still effectively carried out today in the ùRegion. This is a testimony of the results obtained in the protection of weak population groups and in the prevention and control of epidemiological and infectious diseases diffused among the population groups at risk of social exclusion.

The Director General, Prof. Aldo Morrone, thanked the new President and made the wish for the NIHMP activity, focused on people’s wellbeing, to be fully recognised. “This Institute is always ready to face health care emergencies in Rome, as well as in Lampedusa, in Rosarno and even in the control of migration flows in Malta”.

While assessing the difficulties and potentials of the regional health care services, President Renata Polverini recognised the work of the Institute and Prof. Aldo Morrone and presented him as one of the future advisors of regional health policies. Aldo Morrone accepted to offer his collaboration for free, with the aim of improving a regional health care service based on quality and on the fight to social exclusion.

President Polverini stated: “The Regione Lazio has high-level structures and professionals which have to be recognised and empowered in order to reorganise health care strategies, starting from women’s health”.

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