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Report on the health of refugees and migrants in the WHO European Region: no public health without refugee and migrant health (2018)

Report on the health of refugees and migrants in the WHO European Region

The WHO Report on the Health of Refugees and Migrants in the WHO European Region creates a source of baseline evidence. The report is the result of a joint effort between the WHO Regional Office for Europe, led by Piroska Östlin (Director, Division of Policy and Governance for Health and Well-being), and the Italian National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty (INMP). Based on the available data, the report aims to provide the first comprehensive over-view of the health status and needs of refugees and migrants, and the health system responses related to the public health aspects of migration. The report was produced by the Migration and Health programme under the supervision of Santino Severoni (Coordinator of the Migration and Health programme).

Almost one in 10 people in the WHO European Region is currently an international migrant. Finding work is a major reason why people migrate internationally, although violence, conflict, natural disasters and human rights abuses are also contributors. Migration and displacement are social determinants of health affecting the health of refugees and migrants. The WHO Regional Office for Europe has taken the lead in assisting Member States in promoting refugee and migrant health and addressing the public health aspects of their health. The Regional Office established the Migration and Health programme specifically for this purpose. Gaining an overview of the health status of refugees and migrants and health system response is paramount in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and in ensuring universal health coverage, and is in line with the Health 2020 framework.

This report, the first of its kind, creates an evidence base with the aim of catalysing progress towards developing and promoting migrant-sensitive health systems in the 53 Member States of the WHO European Region and beyond. This report seeks to illuminate the causes, consequences and responses to the health needs and challenges faced by refugees and migrants in the Region, while also providing a snapshot of the progress being made across the Region. Additionally, the report seeks to identify gaps that require further action through collaboration, to improve the collection and availability of high-quality data and to stimulate policy initiatives. The report is a much-needed boost for Member States and other stakeholders to ensure high-quality health care for all.


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