Scientific Research

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Ricerca Scientifica

A research model centred on the promotion of people’s health

The holistic, transcultural and multidisciplinary approach adopted at the NIHMP is also found in the field of scientific research, where different professionals cooperate closely. National and international projects are developed to research  the health condition of migrant populations and diseases related to poverty and social exclusion. Medical doctors, nurses, anthropologists, biologists, psychologists, transcultural mediators and administrative staff share common objectives and work together to put people and their health needs at the very centre of clinical and research activities. Scientific research, inspired by the concept of global health, is developed in three directions, namely clinical research, research on social and health care models, and operational research in developing countries. The research laboratory aims at becoming a reference point for national and international networks involved in the study of poverty diseases and problems related to migration.

The laboratory also works to unveil pathogenetic mechanisms of the most common diseases found in migrants and in the most vulnerable population groups. The final goal is to then identify and validate diagnostic pathways and innovative therapeutic targets. Scientific articles and technical books in Italian and English have been produced for training health care professionals and for advancing health education and communication projects.

Furthermore, the NIHMP promotes epidemiology research through the National Epidemiology Observatory. The Observatory monitors the health status of the migrant population calculating specific indicators based on the current information systems, conducts longitudinal studies and produces and disseminates original research studies. Additionally, the Observatory participates in the Work History Panel (Whip-salute) activities, that through a complex system of record linkage researches the effects of work on the resident population. Finally, the Observatory provides appropriate evidence-based material on the efficacy of activities designed to contrast health inequality.

Scientific publications