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Support Asylum and Vulnerabilities through e-health


The SAVe© software is an electronic Health Information System (HIS) developed by INMP in 2019, paving on a previous HIS developed in the framework of the EU CARE project. The aim of SAVe is to allow Italian NHS structures and reception system’s health operators to take care of migrants health, included those who have not a legal status and therefore are not registered with the National Health Service. 

SAVe is designed to work both for rapid initial health assessment (i.e at the very moment of arrival or immediately after) and in the following phases of the reception path, offering professionals the tools to investigate traumas and vulnerabilities and take charge of migrants’ health on an ordinary basis. The single migrant is also given the opportunity to save, store and use his health records even in cases of relocation to another country.

The system is compliant with the most recent evidence-based practices and use validated tools such as the WHO (Five) Well–Being Index, the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) tool for the identification of persons with special needs, the Italian guidelines on Border health checks for Migrants and Refugees and the holistic protocol for the assessment the age of Unaccompanied Migrant Minors, recently approved by the Italian Government.

SAVe is available for both stand-alone and web environment use, data are collected in accordance with the EU-GDPR provisions and are safely stored.  The interoperation between SAVe and the Italian National Electronic Health File, through the use of the Immigrant Unique Code (CUI), is currently under examination.

Currently, the system is being used by local health authorities of Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Tuscany and Sicily regions, where over 28,000 migrants do live and is expected to be used by the Ministry of Interior’s first reception centers and hotspots in other regions and all over the country.

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e-mail: SAVe

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