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Covid - 19 - Yellow zone

Coronavirus - Zona gialla

Rules valid in the YELLOW ZONE

  1. Movements
  2. Play activities for children and kids
  3. Non professional sports activities
  4. Places of worship and religious functions
  5. Schools and Universities services
  6. Restaurants and bars
  7. Trade activities
  8. Cinemas, theatres, recreational and cultural activities, private parties
  9. How to behave in health facilities, residential care homes and prisons

1. Movements

From 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., any movement is forbidden, except for:

  • proven work reasons;
  • necessity;
  • health reasons.

From 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., no prohibition is applied, but it is strongly recommended to avoid movement, except for work, study and health reasons, in case of necessity and to use non-suspended services.

For visiting the private house of relatives and friends, movements are allowed respecting the following rules:

  • only one movement is allowed;
  • you can only visit one private house located in your Region;
  • you can only move from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • only two people can visit a private house, in addition to those who live there
  • you can move with your children and kids under 14 years or cohabiting disabled or non-sufficient people. They are not calculated in the maximum number of two people.

Pay attention to limitations inside single Municipalities: in squares and streets where crowding is possible, access could be limited also in different hours.

Until February 15, 2021 any movement between Regions is prohibited, except for proven work reasons, necessity or health reasons.

2. Play activities for children and kids

For kids and teens who access to parks, villas and public gardens, remember the following rules:

  • kids under 14 years must be accompanied by an adult responsible for them;
  • crowding is prohibited and the distance between people of at least one meter must always be respected;
  • Everyone (Minors and accompanying adults) must wear a mask, except for children under 6 years.

Children over 3 years and teens can access to places organized - also informally - for play, recreational and educational activities, both indoor and outdoor (i.e. holiday camps) with operators caring for them. Specific safety protocols must be adopted.

Activities in theme and amusement parks are suspended.

3. Non professional sports activities

Activities in gyms, sports centres, swimming pools, wellness centres and spas (except for medical treatments) are suspended.

You can practice outdoor sports or physical activities in the equipped areas, in public parks and in sports centers and clubs.

While doing sports you can keep off the mask, but you must respect at least two meters distance from other people.

All contact sports activities (training, competitions, courses, etc.) are suspended, except those expressly recognized as being of national interest.

Lifts in ski areas are closed. From March 5, 2021, Region can decide to open ski areas by adopting specific safety guidelines for avoiding crowding.

4. Places of worship and religious functions

You can go to places of worship. Always avoid gatherings and respect at least 1-meter distance from other people. Religious functions can take place in compliance with specific protocols.

5. Schools and Universities

  • Educational services and school activities are functioning according to their respective schedules. Possible cases and clusters will be managed according to the operating procedures created by the Italian Higher Institute of Health;
  • In kindergartens and in the first education cycle (primary and "middle” school), activities classroom training will continue;
  • In the secondary education cycle ("high schools") a part of students (between 50% and 75%) will attend classroom training, while for the others distance learning is provided. Face-to-face teaching is possible in case of laboratory activities and to ensure the inclusion of disabled students;
  • Educational trips, exchange or twinning initiatives, guided and educational tours are suspended. Activities aimed at providing transversal skills and guidance (so-called alternanza scuola-lavoro) and internship are still allowed in compliance with health and safety requirements in force;
  • In universities, teaching and curricular activities are carried out in distance mode. Face-to-face activities are allowed for first year teaching, for classes with a reduced number of students and laboratories.

6. Restaurants and bars

You can go to bars, pubs and restaurants, ice cream parlours, patisseries by respecting routine prevention rules (masks, distancing, hand wash) from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. Where table service is provided, maximum 4 people per table are allowed, except if all people is cohabiting.

From 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. take away is allowed. After 6 p.m. to 5 a.m food and drink consumption in public places open to the public is prohibited.

The following service are always guaranteed:

  • home delivery catering;
  • restaurant services in hotels and accommodation facilities are allowed for their clients.

Services in motorways, hospitals and airports are open.

7. Trade activities

Trade activities are regularly working in accordance with health protocols.

On holidays and days before holidays shops inside shopping centres and markets are closed, except for pharmacies, health centres, points of sale for foodstuffs, agricultural and horticultural products, tobacconists and newsstands.

8. Cinemas, theatres, recreational and cultural activities, private parties

a) Cinemas, theatres, recreational and cultural activities

Indoor or outdoor shows open to the public in cinemas, theatres and similar places are suspended.

Activities in recreational, social and cultural centres are suspended.

Museums and other culture places are open, from Monday to Friday, in accordance with safety protocols.

b) Discos and dance halls

Outdoor or indoor dance activities that take place dance halls, discos and similar premises intended are suspended.

c) Parties

Indoor and outdoor parties are prohibited, including those organised in occasion of civil and religious ceremonies (i.e. weddings).

In private houses no prohibition is provided but it is strongly recommended to avoid receiving people, except for working reasons or in case of necessity or urgency.

d) Game rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls

The activities of gaming rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos are suspended.

e) Fairs, conferences and congresses and meetings

Fairs and similar events are prohibited.

Congresses and conferences can take place only in the distance mode.

In public administrations, meetingg are in the distance mode, except for founded reasons.

Also private meetings are recommended to be in the distance mode.

9. How to behave in health facilities, residential care homes and prisons

  • If you accompany a person to the emergency room, you cannot stay in the waiting rooms, unless healthcare staff gives you different indications;
  • if you want to visit a person located in a long-term care facility or a nursing home, a hospice, a rehab facility or a residential care home for the elderly or non-self-sufficient people, you must remember that visits could be limited to particular cases and special precautions may be required (e.g. masks, distance security, access restriction to some areas);
  • meetings with all detainees will be held in telephone or video mode, also for a longer time than normally provided. Personal conversations will be authorized only in extraordinary cases and as long as a 2 meters distance is guaranteed. Permissions and partial freedom will be limited to avoid egress and the ingress to the structure, thus evaluating the possibility of house detention.